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We gather at 10am on Sunday mornings, for refreshments. At 10.30 we have a variety of formats to celebrate what God is doing in us and through us. Like an extended family we join together to worship, pray, give and receive teaching and training, and tell stories about the amazing God we serve.  

Pattern of Gatherings:

1st Sunday of each month          

Open Gathering with Communion 

2nd and 3rd Sundays of each month

Bible teaching happens on these weeks to fit with the theme we are exploring

4th Sunday of each month

Brunch Sundays

5th Sunday in a month

Tbc each month

If you keep scrolling you will find our current Bible themes.

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7 Jan    Recommitment Sunday with communion
14 Jan  Romans - Gospel. How can we be confident in our faith?
21 Jan  Romans - Sin. What is wrong with the world
28 Jan  Brunch Sunday
4 Feb    Open Gathering with communion
11 Feb  Romans - Salvation. What's so amazing about grace?
18 Feb   Romans - Peace. How can we find peace in a stressful world?
25 Feb   Brunch Sunday
3 Mar    Visiting speaker - Charlie Crump from Youth Alpha
10 Mar   Romans - Freedom. How can we avoid negative cycles?
17 Mar   Romans - Hope. What has God promised?
24 Mar   Brunch Sunday
29 Mar   Good Friday Tbc
31 Mar   Easter Sunday celebration

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A short series on what it means to join God's family and how that works itself out in the local church

 5 Nov  Psalm 78 Dedication Gathering

12 Nov The Priesthood of all Believers - with communion

19 Nov Where do you belong?

26 Nov Advent Brunch Sunday

3 Dec  Baptisms

10 Dec The counter cultural challenge - (authority and submission)

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A short series on Spiritual gifts

3 Sept An introduction to spiritual gifts Psalm 139 with communion

10 Sept Spiritual gifts 1 1 Corinthians 12-14

17 Sept Spiritual gifts 2

24 Sept Creationtide Brunch Sunday

1 Oct  Dedication Gathering Ps

8 Oct Spiritual gifts 3

15 Oct Spiritual gifts 4

22 Oct  Brunch Sunday possible baptism

29 Oct 5th Sunday  Meet, Walk, Visit

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Summer Gatherings

7 May Open Gathering

14 May By My Spirit...

21 May God's Attitude to Money

28 May Pentecost Brunch Sunday

4 June Open Gathering

11 June Communion-what is God saying?

18 June Brunch Sunday swapped with 25 June

25 June Guest speaker-Refugee Sunday

2 July Open Gathering with communion

9 July Tbc

16 July What Season Are We In?

23 July Brunch Sunday

30 July Walk, Visit, Pray

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Easter Gatherings and beyond:

2nd April Open Gathering with communion

7th April Good Friday.  Gathering at the Blue Marketplace at 12pm with other local churches together.

9th April All-age Easter Sunday celebration

16th April Teaching and worship

23rd April Brunch Sunday with Youth With A Mission - using creativity in worship.

30th April  Community mosaic design workshop for Pocket Park

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Gatherings: Welcome

We have been exploring the Sermon on the Mount since September and this continues into 2023.

26 Feb       Brunch Sunday

5 March    Open Gathering and


12 March  Mt 7:1-6 Dealing with


19 March  Mt7:1-12 Our response to 

                 Jesus challenge

26 March  Eco-themed Brunch Sunday

                 Being good stewards of energy

Gatherings: Welcome
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