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Building a bug hotel in the church car park
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Caring for the environment is an important part of our community mission at Haddon Hall Baptist Church. Our Eco team focuses on three main issues:

 Sustainability and justice - as a church community, implementing our sustainability policy ensures we take sustainability and justice into account in all our activities and building management; we also help and encourage individuals to adopt sustainable and ethical lifestyles

Climate action - we engage in locally and globally-focused activities to address the climate crisis

Creation-care - we include teaching and worship around God’s command to care for the whole of creation

Our current projects include:

Greening Bermondsey

We have constructed and planted up a nine metre planter and installed a cycle rack on a thin strip of waste land on one side of the church through the support of the construction firm Keltbray and our own fundraising. The planter was included in the 2022 Ada Salter Centenary Tulip Trail. 

We have also been awarded a grant through Southwark Council’s Cleaner, Greener, Safer fund to transform a small piece of land on Tower Bridge Road – which is currently devoid of greenery, unsightly and in need of regeneration. It is our desire that greening this space will help improve the well-being of everyone who uses the church and those who pass by or stand at the bus stop and it will also contribute to improving the local eco-system.

Toilet Twinning

During Lent this year many of us donated the cost of a weekly coffee to help fund the construction of five latrines around the world, which have been twinned with of five of our toilets in the church building. This reminds us of the importance of seeking climate justice so that everyone around the world has access to clean water and safe sanitation.  Click here for more information on toilet twinning.

Recycling and composting

We are working with all the people and the groups who use our building to encourage greater care in disposing of waste materials, recycling wherever possible – we have purchased several recycling bins for the building and are planning to set up a compost system for food waste 

Great Big Green Week

In September 2021 we organised a day of community and family workshops to help us adopt more sustainable and eco-friendly ways of living. This included building bug hotels, bike maintenance and repair, vegetarian cooking and sustainable crafts. 

Eco-church Bronze Award

We have recently achieved an Eco-church Bronze Award and have started to work towards the silver level. For more information about eco-church awards, please see the bronze award button below and click on it.

If you want to understand why caring for creation is so important to us, please see the introduction to our sustainability policy here for an explanation. 

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Please click below to find out more at A Rocha UK

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