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Haddon is a community of Jesus-followers making a difference with His power.

To be effective we connect with Him and each other in different ways:

Haddon Community: Welcome


We gather at 10am on Sunday mornings to celebrate what God is doing in us and through us. Like an extended family we join together to worship, pray, give and receive teaching and training, and tell stories about the amazing God we serve.

Our Sunday gatherings are either all-age or include a time for children and young people to receive their own teaching in separate groups.

See resources from our Gatherings

Haddon Community: Welcome


Our communities are small groups brought together by a common vision to see lives changed by God’s power and love. They are organised around geographical areas, specific groups of people, or a God-inspired project. They provide an opportunity to really get to know each other and to inspire and encourage one another to live as followers of Jesus.

Just as the early disciples met regularly in each others’ homes, sharing life and sharing the good news about Jesus, we are learning how to do this in 21st century London. The aim is for the groups to grow and multiply, so that more and more people hear the good news about Jesus and experience his love and power.

If you would like to join one of these communities or have an idea for one, speak to one of the Haddon leaders.

Haddon Community: Welcome


In discipling relationships, we meet regularly with two or three other people to pray and to share what we are learning. Being open and honest about our struggles and challenges, joys and successes and supporting one another to grow as followers of Jesus.

Haddon Community: Welcome


We want to follow Jesus every day in our home, work and leisure. Aiming to enjoy a continuous connection with God, listening to him, learning from the Bible and looking to see his power work through us.

Haddon Community: Welcome
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