Womens Weekend



FRI 26th to SUN 28th January 2018


Come join us for this exciting and fun weekend as we take ‘time out’ of our busy lives to spend time with lots of amazing Wonderful Women and celebrate all that we are designed to be. Our theme ‘Rejoice & Celebrate’ who we are as women, daughters, mothers and wives.
The weekend will be designed to provide an opportunity to spend time on our own and quality time together through relaxing, eating and sharing lives. It will also be a time of celebration as we learn about and catch more of God’s heart for our lives. 
The weekend is open to every woman, young (16+) and old. 


 Anne Coles:  Anne is on the leadership team of New Wine, with special responsibility for women. She has 4 children and 3 grandchildren and a heart for every generation to know God better and be equipped by His Spirit to fulfil their calling. For some 29 years, she and her husband, John, grew a multi-cultural church, St Barnabas in Woodside Park, North London. Now they are leading a simple community church in a home. She loves worshipping God, travelling anywhere,  family get-togethers and trying to grow plants and keep them alive! Anne is excited to join us for the weekend and we are excited to hear her share what’s on God's heart for us.


Great Higham Barn and Cottages is a luxury accommodation tucked away in the most beautiful part of Kent. It is located just 90 minutes from London and surrounded by country activities including hiking, horse riding and cycling, tennis and many other activities and facilities including a hot tub!  


The estimated cost of the weekend is £125 per person for the weekend (including food). however, we want this time to be a blessing to everyone and therefore, do not want finance to be a factor in stopping any women from coming. So in faith, we trust that God will provide through us and therefore are opening it up to you to give what you can or what you feel prompted to give.  However, a £40 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place. Any other payments must be received by Sunday 21st January 2018. Payments can be made below via PayPal (Please note you will need to set up a PayPal account if you do not have an account already). Simply type in the amount you plan to pay.  


Simply complete the form below or click on the booking form link. Once the booking form is completed and submitted you can make a payment using the PayPal button beneath the booking form. N.B. Please ensure that the booking form is completed before making a payment. Early booking is advisable as the venue can only accommodate 40 max. We would ideally love for women to come to the whole weekend however, you can choose to come for one day or part of the weekend. All we request is that you select the day or days that you plan to attend on the booking form. Please note that a deposit of £40 is still applicable even if you do not attend the whole weekend. There is an option to stay until Monday 29th January. Please add to your booking form if you would like to join us till Monday.

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